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Can you name the answers to these science-related questions that begin with 'super'?

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A thunderstorm with a mesocyclone powered by a central updraft
Second-order groups of galaxies that form the constituents of 'walls' or 'attractors'. Ours is the 'Laniakea ____'
Material with zero electrical resistance (occurs at very low temperature)
Rodinia, Pangaea, Gondwana, Laurasia, etc.
Describes a fluid at a high enough temperature and pressure that liquid and gas do not exist as separate states
The Precambrian is the only widely recognized time span of this type
State of matter with zero viscosity, like helium very close to absolute zero
Describes a substance at a temperature above its boiling point that does not boil due to lack of symmetry breaking
In anatomy, something that is higher up
According to special relativity, it is impossible to accelerate to these kinds of speeds
Stellar explosion that occurs at the end of a high-mass star's life
Type of salt like KO2 or NaO2, not to be confused with a peroxide
Protostomia and Deuterostomia are this kind of taxon
The ____ principle states that the lower a sediment layer is, the older it tends to be, or that certain fields are additive & homogeneous
This kind of solution contains more solute than it could dissolve under ordinary conditions
What {5,7,12,30} is to {5,7,30}, for example
Describes something moving faster than Mach 1
In behavioral psychology, the association of a behavior with an unrelated outcome after chance co-occurrence
Theory in particle physics in which every fermion has a corresponding boson and vice versa
Type of machine learning that uses a labeled set of training data (i.e. with direct right/wrong feedback)

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