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Can you name the answers to these general knowledge questions that start with the letters 'UR'?

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RNA uses this nucleobase in place of thymine
Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic language families together form this family
The heaviest element that occurs naturally on Earth
Planet named after the Greek god of the sky
Proto-Armenian Hurrian kingdom centered on the city of Van
The name of eight popes, or the antonym of rural
Echinoderm with long spines, or poor or mischevous child
National language of Pakistan; like Hindi with Arabic script
Either of the tubes connecting the each kidney to the bladder
A common latex substitute is a polymer of carbamate, or ________
Describes something requiring immediate action or attention
Hittite soldier in 2 Samuel, or David Copperfield antagonist, Heep
Common name for wild sheep subspecies 'Ovis orientalis vignei'
Name of the angel in charge of the Sun in 'Paradise Lost'
Television 'nerd' archetype from the 1990s, Steve
Three letter initialism referring to a web address
Capital and largest city of Iran's West Azerbaijan province
Receptacle for a person's ashes after cremation
Castle by Loch Ness, or surname of Francis in 'House of Cards' (UK)
Dog is to canine as bear is to
Sci-fi author, Le Guin, or Disney's sea witch
Latin-derived medical term for hives, or a skin rash
South American country whose capital is Montevideo
Early Sumerian city (besides Ur), and possible Iraq namesake
Capital and largest city of Xinjiang (Uyghur Autonomous Region), China
Allergenic oil found in poison ivy, poison oak, etc.
In 'Magic: The Gathering', he fought a war with his brother Mishra

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