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Can you name the words that begin with 'hyper'?

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What the H stands for in ADHD
Exaggeration, particularly for rhetorical effect
Far to the north
Abnormally high levels of CO2 in the blood
Another word for a tesseract
Excessive joint straightening, or lower back exercise
Emission line structure due to nuclear magnetic field
Social science term for marrying someone of higher status
Economic woe of Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe
Elder brother of Kronos, or one of Saturn's smaller moons
High speed transportation system planned by SpaceX
Increased rate of cell production; an early sign of cancer
Describes speeds at or above Mach 5
A region with more than three dimensions
High blood pressure
What the H stands for in HTTP
Illness sometimes treated with radioactive iodine
What bodybuilders seek for their muscles
To breathe too rapidly

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