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Can you name the words that begin with the prefix 'hydro'?

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Methane, ethyne, pentene, or octane,
for example
Excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in
the cranium
Type of acid produced by the human stomach to aid in digestion
Opiate used as a painkiller and cough suppressant; sold as Zohydro ER
Anti-inflammatory steroid drug
Type of dam that is used to produce electricity
A boat with a hull shaped to lift it out of the water
as it moves forward
The lightest and most abundant element in
the Universe
The measurement, mapping, and description of
bodies of water
The study of water, particularly its distribution,
movement, and quality
Usual process by which peptide bonds are broken
Instrument for measuring the specific gravity
of liquids
Describes something that is water-soluble or attracted to water
A colloquial word for rabies due to rabid animals being unable to drink water
To lose traction while driving by skidding on a thin
layer of water
Grown using nutrient-laden water in place of soil
The portion of the Earth that contains liquid water
Type of 'skeleton' starfish have, or the kind of equilibrium reached by spherical solar system bodies
The -OH functional group in organic chemistry
Class of cnidarians including the
Portuguese Man o' war

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