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Yearly summer and winter
extreme sports competition sponsored by ESPN
Shortened first name of LC Barcelona football midfielder, ______ Hernández i Creus 
St. Paul Arena that is home to the Minnesota Wild

The 'Uyghur Autonomous Region', China's largest administrative division by area 
Capital of the Mexican
state of Veracruz

The capital of Gaza Province
in Mozambique

Musical instrument which traditionally consists of wooden bars; played by striking with mallets 
Successor to 'Pop Idol'
shows, created by
Simon Cowell
English band that sang 'Dear God' and 'Senses Working Overtime'

Movie franchise about super-powered mutants, based on the
Marvel Comics

The creature from 'Alien'

2007 independent film about an intersexed teen with Klinefelter syndrome 
Show about two FBI agents investigating paranormal
Show about an eponymous
'warrior princess'

Original member (and namer) of the 'Scooby Gang' in 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer' 
Just For Fun
Shorthand for 'hugs and kisses'
(plural of each)

Russian or Greek onomatopoeia for laughter

Common emoticon for blowing raspberries with the eyes closed
(or squinting)
Trade name of the anti-anxiety drug, alprazolam

An American corporation that sells business services and products, famous for its photocopy machines 
Use of cacti and other desert
plants in place of a traditional lawn or garden
Persian king whose invasion of Greece was chronicled by
Student of Socrates whose depiction of him is often
contrasted with Plato's
A coin formerly minted by South Vietnam equivalent to the cent

Where Kubla Khan decreed a stately pleasure-dome, according to Samuel Coleridge 
The third book in Orson Scott Card's 'Ender' series

Series of Piers Anthony fantasy novels starting with
'A Spell for Chameleon'
Chinese language also called

After Zulu, the most widely spoken Bantu language in
South Africa
7-bit ASCII alternative to (or input method for) the International Phonetic Alphabet 
Heaviest noble gas with stable

Woody vascular tissue of a
plant that transports water
and minerals
A sugar alcohol that is used as a sweetener, often in sugar-free
Brand of game consoles created by Microsoft

1998 SquareSoft game featuring Fei Fong Wong; launched a series of similarly named games 
Race that controlled the
evolution of the Protoss and Zerg in 'Starcraft'
Site that describes itself as 'A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.' 
Stage name of Alvin Joiner, rapper and former host of
'Pimp My Ride'
Formerly popular weblog/journal host; relaunched in 2013 as
version 2.0
Galactic overlord in

Underworld in the Mayan

Aztec god of death and

December 25, celebrated by
Christians (abbreviated)

November 8, unofficial holiday celebrating Wilhelm Röntgen's most famous discovery 
July 5, when the Church of the SubGenius celebrates the non-arrival of alien invaders 

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