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Can you name the root words that attach to each prefix to form synonyms for the given words?

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Prefix— (Synonym)RootOther Prefixes
ab— (step down)
in— (suggest)
syn— (cartel)
de-, pre-, vin-
bi— (cut in half)
inter— (cross)
tran— (cut across)
dis-, in-, re-, tri-, vivi-
abs— (intangible)
con— (shrink)
ex— (take out)
de-, pro-, re-, sub-
con— (calling together)
in— (calling upon)
pro— (harrassment)
re— (taking back)
a-, ad-, e-, equi-
con— (bestow)
de— (postpone)
in— (deduce)
pre— (favor)
aqui-, coni-, re-, trans-
ab— (degrading)
ob— (thing)
pro— (send outward)
re— (throw back)
sub— (topic)
e-, in-, inter-, intro-
com— (write)
de— (overthrow)
im— (force)
re— (rest)
trans— (switch)
dis-, inter-, op-, super-
co— (hidden)
con— (change)
di— (redirect)
o— (flagrant)
sub— (undermine)
a-, ad-, e-, in-, intro-, ob-, per-, re-
inter— (take a break)
sub— (yield)
per— (allow)
re— (send money)
trans— (broadcast)
ad-, com-, de-, e-, preter-
abs— (holding back)
con— (disagreement)
de— (imprisonment)
in— (aim, goal)
re— (keeping)
Prefix— (Synonym)RootOther Prefixes
dia— (language variant)
ana— (Confucian quotation)
grapho— (written language)
acro-, idio-
ana— (study)
para— (immobility)
cata— (reaction hastening)
dia-, electro-, homo-, hydro-, pyro-
en— (disorder)
iso— (evenness)
pleio— (multiple gene effects)
allo-, mono-, thixo-
ana— (similar thing)
cata— (list)
dia— (conversation)
epi— (afterword)
apo-, deca-, homo-, ideo-, mono-, pro-
dys— (unhappy)
eso— (cross-eyed)
eu— (elated)
meta— (figurative)
ana-, cata-, endo-, exo-, hetero-, phos-
ana— (growth inducing)
dia— (evil)
hyper— (exaggerated)
para— (figurative, quadratic)
sym— (representative)
amphi-, cata-, em-, meta-
ec— (elated)
homeo— (balanced)
hydro— (non-flowing)
meta— (malignant)
ortho— (standing)
chole-, epi-, hemo-, hypo-
dia— (opposite)
geo— (shape related)
iso— (length preserving)
para— (dependent)
sym— (balanced)
astro-, baro-, bio-, deca-, hyper-, hypso-, opto-, photo-, psycho-, tele-
andro— (masculinizing)
endo— (from underground)
patho— (sickness causing)
photo— (attractive)
terato— (deforming)
angio-, anti-, anthropo-, chromo-, cryo-, crypto-, iatro-, muta-, poly-, trans-
ana— (squeezed)
ecto— (skinny)
iso— (corresponding)
meta— (changing)
poly— (multiformed)
allo-, anthropo-, bio-, dys-, endo-, eu-, homeo-, homo-, meso-, pseudo-

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