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Can you name the religions, demoninations, and sects starting with each letter of the alphabet?

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Christian sect started by William Miller; includes the '7th Day' and Davidian subsectsA
Iranian religion that emphasizes world unity; developed out of BabismB
Vietnamese theosophical religion founded by Ngô Văn Chiêu, and using the 'divine eye' as its symbol C
Followers of the Rasa'il al-Hikma (Epistles of Wisdom), known in the Levant for belief in reincarnation, patriotism, and military prowessD
The _________ Church is the US-based branch of the Anglican CommunionE
Movement founded by Li Hongzhi that practices qigong, and meditationF
Term for early (and small extant) Christian sects that consider the material world an illusionG
Religion with The Vedas as sacred texts, and worshipping several gods including Brahma, Vishnu, and ShivaH
Majority school of Islam in Oman & formerly Zanzibar, that predates Sunni and Shia, and rejects the need for a caliphate or imamahI
Indian religion that promotes ahimsa (nonviolence), believes in an eternal, cyclic universe, and reveres Mahavira as the last of 24 tirthankarasJ
Jewish sect that rejects the Talmud, favoring the plain text of the Tanakh alone in interpreting Halakhic lawK
Largest sect that follows the Book of Mormon, i.e. The Church of Jesus Christ of ______ ___ ______L
Religion whose chief prophet and Messiah is John the Baptist, aka Yaḥyā. Most modern adherents are Iraqi émigrés and refugees.M
Japanese Buddhist sect focused on the Lotus sutra; founded in 13th century by a monk of the same nameN
Describes Eastern Christian churches that split from Roman Catholicism in 1054; a label independently applied to some Jewish traditions (such as Haredi)O
Collective term to describe the branches of Christianity that originated during the ReformationP
Pacifistic Anglo-American Christian sect known as 'The Religious Society of Friends'Q
Jamaican religion that sees Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie as second coming of JesusR
Indigenous religion of Japan in which kami (gods) such as Amaterasu are worshipped in shrinesS
Chinese religion considered to be founded by Laozi, centered on placing one's will in harmony with the UniverseT
Originally christians who rejected the Trinity; now often fused with Universalism and associated with non-dogmatic, and often not explicitly theistic congregationsU
Haitian religion that syncretizes West African (Fon & Ewe) beliefs and CatholicismV
Neopagan movement founded by Gerald Gardner; worships Moon Goddess & Horned GodW
Kurdish religious group that reveres Melek Taus, or the 'Peacock Angel'; often identified with Shaitan by MuslimsY
Dualistic ancient Persian religon that worships Ahura Mazda; known for fire temples, death towers, & Freddy MercuryZ

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