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Popular monocot garden flower in the asparagus family; originally from the eastern Mediterranean
Having a glassy appearance,
like a certain type of cartilage
Major American hotel chain
headquartered in Chicago
A cross between different strains or species
Joint capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, or former capital of Sindh
Popular eudicot garden flower ranging from white to pink to purple in color; originally from eastern Asia
Water source for firefighters to use
Word describing any kind of confined fluid whose pressure is used to amplify force
Large African predator with a matriarchal
social structure
Cleanliness or sanitation, particularly for
maintenance of health
Instrument for measuring moisture content in
the atmosphere
Thin vaginal membrane sometimes torn during intercourse, often believed to be a marker of virginity
Religious song or poem
U-shaped hypoglossal bone also called the
lingual bone
Alexandrian mathematician, inventor of the hydrometer, killed by an angry mob in AD 415
Extreme publicity or promotion
Long, branching filaments that mat together to make up the mycelium of a fungus
Punctuation mark used to join words, similar in appearance to a dash
Putative state of consciousness with increased focus
and suggestibility
Small furry mammal related to elephants and
Fictional kingdom where The Legend of Zelda
takes place
Removal of the ovaries
Exaggerated excitement, or a defunct
psychological diagnosis in women
South Korea's largest automobile manufacturer

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