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Physical systems evolve in such a way as to minimize this integral
Heat is neither gained nor lost in this type of process
The reflectivity of an object, particularly in astronomy
Organic compound with open chains. Contrast with aromatic.
One of two or more varieties of a specific gene
Kind of inhibitors that bind elsewhere to change a protein's active site
SI unit of electric current (1 coulomb per second)
Temporal lobe structure involved in memory, decisions, & emotions
The phylum of segmented worms (e.g. earthworms)
A mixture that cannot be further purified by distillation
Filter-feeding system used by non-toothed whale species
Type of particle made up of three quarks (e.g. proton)
Igneous rocks known for forming tall, hexagonal columns
A set of linearly independent vectors that span a vector space
The _______ zone is the ecological region at a lake or ocean bottom
The vibrational modes of drums are ______ functions
Hollow sphere of undifferentiated embryonic cells
Bright meteor that often explodes in Earth's atmosphere
Type of solution that keeps pH near a constant value
_______ force on an object is equal to the weight of fluid displaced it
Geologic period that began the Paleozoic era
Charge-storing circuit component (e.g. parallel plate)
Curve of a string hanging from both ends under its own weight
Unpredictability due to sensitivity to initial conditions
Main component of fungal cell walls & arthropod exoskeleta
Geologic term for a stony (as opposed to metallic) meteorite
A sequence of three nucleotides that specify an amino acid
Dispersal of insoluble, microscopic particles in some substance
The type of 'charge' that governs strong nuclear interactions
Dense, tall type of cloud that produces rainstorms

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