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QUIZ: Can you name the sports-related English terms from their modern Greek cognates?

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γυμναστικήSport that shows off feats of agility, e.g. on a pommel horse
ΠατριώτεςNew England NFL team
αθλητήςParticipant in a sporting event, e.g. a cross-country runner
κάρταIn association football, a yellow one is a warning and a red one forces a player off the field
ΟλυμπιακούςMultinational games held every fourth winter or summer
μαραθώνιοςAn endurance run of 42.195 kilometers or 26.2188 miles
δίσκοςA heavy, round, plate-like object thrown, e.g. as a competitive sport
ζώνηA designated region. E.g. may be preceded by 'strike' in baseball or by 'end' in American football
στάδιοArena or venue where sporting events are held
ΠελεκάνοιNew Orleans NBA team
αερόβιοςForm of exercise designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness
γυμνάσιοLarge room or building for indoor sports (full word)

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