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Can you name the science-related terms that start with u, v, or w?

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Omnipresent protein that tags other proteins for degradation
Rock type defined by very high levels of magnesium and iron
Kind of 'torus' with a single edge circling it 3 times
The darkest part of a shadow; passed through during an eclipse
Type of operator or matrix whose adjoint is its inverse
Replaces thymine in RNA

The heaviest natural element on Earth (in non-negligible amounts)
In humans, most nitrogenous waste is excreted as this compound
Constellation containing the North Star, Polaris
Vestibular organ that, with the saccule, helps to keep balance
'Unsaturated' zone' of soil found above the phreatic zone
An atom's _______ is the number of H atoms it can bond to
The square root of this is called the standard deviation
A point where edges meet in a geometric shape
Theorem relating mean potential & kinetic energy for N-body systems
_______ particles are responsible for the Casimir effect
A fluid's resistance to shear deformation, or 'thickness'
Giving birth to live offspring (as opposed to laying eggs)
Type of linear integral equation with a variable limit of integration
Process of hardening rubber with the addition of sulfur
SI unit of power

Type of 'gibbous' that follows the first quarter moon
Fundamental force mediated
by Z and W bosons
Simple machine that makes up
the edge of a knife
1st everywhere continuous & nondifferentiable function found
_______ blots use electrophoresis & antibodies to identify proteins
Hybrid of bottlenose dolphin and false killer whale
Primary ore from which tungsten is extracted
Largest terrestrial mustelid (some otters are larger)
Determinant, W(f,g)=f'g-g'f, that is 0 for linearly dependent f & g

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