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Another name for the unified atomic mass unit
Type of tree that loses
its leaves in winter
The smaller of Mars' two
natural satellites
Geologic period when tetrapods first appear in the fossil record
Type of substance (weakly) repelled by a magnetic field
Type of algae with silicate
cell wall
Type of equation required to use only integer values
A 'bridge' joining nonadjacent cysteines in a protein
Genus of fruit flies most commonly used in research
Theory describing how Earth's core maintains its magnetic field
The plane of the solar system where the planets orbit
Vector x such that Mx=bx for an operator M and a scalar value, b.
Kind of collision that conserves
kinetic energy
A non-superimposable mirror image of a molecule
An organism is this if it is found only in a particular region
Largest unit of geologic time. We live in the Phanerozoic.
The part of an antigen that an
antibody binds to
When daylight and nighttime each last 12 hours worldwide
Equality of temporal and spatial averages (e.g. for energy)
Winding ridge of layered sand or gravel left by subglacial streams
A bright spot on the Sun's surface, or that of another body
Particle with half-integer spin that obeys the exclusion principle
Hairlike organelle used for propulsion, e.g. by euglenas
Element with the highest
Newton's version of
a derivative
Integral transform that converts from time to frequency domain
Mutation type that changes every downstream codon (e.g. insertion)
Effective pressure of a gas, correcting for non-ideality
A buckyball, nanotube, or other hollow carbon molecule
Vent that emits volcanic gases and/or steam into the atmosphere

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