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Kind of mixture with equal amounts of all enantiomers
Decreased wavelength of light received from retreating galaxies
Layer of loose material covering solid bedrock
Cow gut protein used to coagulate milk for cheese
Way to get rid of infinite integrals in quantum field theory
Amplifying oscillation by a periodic forcing at specific frequencies
The ratio of momentum forces to viscous forces in a fluid
Thin root-like structures found in bryophytes
The lowest orbit where a planet can stay intact under tidal forces
Formula that describes the emission lines of hydrogen
Sand, Quartz, and window glass are all made up of this compound
Manatees and dugongs belong to this order of mammals
Dry winds that reach the Mediterranean from the Sahara
SI 'unit' of solid angle (actually a dimensionless quantity)
______ theorem relates a surface integral & line integral of its boundary
The conversion of a solid directly
to a gas
A liquid with zero viscosity at low temperatures
'One-to-one' is to 'injection'
as 'onto' is to...
Type of speciation that occurs without geographic separation
Radiation type from charged particles rotating in a magnetic field
Lepton with a rest mass of
1776.86 MeV.
Constitutional isomers that rapidly interconvert
The lightest element with no stable isotopes
Final phase of mitosis, when chromosomes unwind again
What comes next?
Scalar, vector, matrix,…
Solid fragments ejected by a volcano, e.g. 'volcanic ash'
This mineral defines an 8 on the Mohs scale
The process of converting a DNA sequence to mRNA
Cranial nerve that controls the ability to chew.
Family of proteins that makes up microtubules

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