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Can you name the answers to these hints that start with 'Cy'?

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MLB award namesake; pitcher with most career wins
Ingredient of suicide pills or Prussian blue
Eubacterial phylum that utilizes photosynthesis
Part living, part machine
Non-coniferous gymnosperms common in Mesozoic
Canadian Sweet'n Low ingredient (banned in US)
Something that repeats, particularly if periodic
A hurricane or tornado, for example
One-eyed being, like Polyphemus from 'The Odyssey'
Muse song, 'Knights of _______' (on Mars or Crete)
Swan constellation
polygon is to prism as circle is to ________
Robotic antagonists in 'Battlestar Galactica'
Percussion instrument made of a round metal plate
Endonym for the Welsh language
Anglo-Saxon poet whose name means 'kin wolf'
Someone who always sees the worst in others
Epithet of Artemis & top 10 US girl name 1956-1965
Tree of the family Cupressaceae, common in wetlands
Greek & Turkish-speaking Island Nation
Edmond Rostand play, ______ de Bergerac
'Mortal Kombat' series character also called LK-4D4
Easternmost of Libya's 3 regions
Alphabet used to write Russian
Persian king who founded Achaemenid Empire
Amino acid that forms disulfide bridges
Genetic lung disease, mucoviscidosis or ____ fibrosis
Latin spelling of Aphrodite's island
Nucleobase complementary to guanine
Gel-like medium found inside a cell

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