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The answers for each category spell out a 6-letter acrostic that unlocks extra clues for the next category.
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Set 1
The answers are layers of an acrostic.
1. Type of rock that forms in layers (as opposed to igneous and metamorphic)   
2. Thick black mixture of hydrocarbons from coal or oil; word often followed by 'sands' or 'pits'   
3. Red corundum gemstone                                                                    
4. Smaller earthquake that follows a large one                       
5. The rise and fall of sea levels due to the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun   
6. The most abundant metal in Earth's crust                         
Set 1 Hints
Set 4 password 
Set 2
You must be bright to get them all.
7. Molten rock that erupts from a volcano                                   
8. The process of land being raised to a higher level                           
9. _______ waves travel on or through the ground, produced by earthquakes     
10. A ___________ map shows how elevation varies in a region               
11. The largest division of the geologic timescale. We are currently in the Phanerozoic one.   
12. The flow of rainwater or meltwater over the surface of the ground       
Set 2 Hints
Set 1 password 
Set 3
And logical too.
13. Fine layer of sediment laid down yearly in a lake bed                                     
14. The principle that the same geologic processes are acting today as in the past   
15. Piece of magnetite with definite north and south poles, once used in compasses   
16. The era of geologic time we are living in, following the Mesozoic     
17. Fossilized tree resin                                                 
18. A small mineral mass with different composition than its surrounding rock   
Set 3 Hints
Set 2 password 
Set 4
You don't need this if you get it; you are one.
19. The settling or laying down of sediment transported by wind or water       
20. A tributary stream that travels for a time parallel to a larger stream before joining it   
21. A large slab of rock that has been moved horizontally as by a thrust fault         
22. An ________ fan is a wedge of sediment that accumulates where a stream leaves a canyon   
23. The ____ scale ranks the hardness of different types of minerals        
24. Volcanic glass                                                                             
Set 4 Hints
Set 3 password 

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