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Can you name the answers to these geology-related questions that start with the letter 'G'?

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Intrusive mafic igneous rock; same composition as basalt
Volcanic islands where the Cocos, Nazca, & Pacific plates meet
Most important lead ore, with formula PbS
Almandine, pyrope, hessonite, or tsavorite, for example
Mineral considered valuable, or used for jewelery
Round, hollow rocky body filled with crystalline deposits
Hot natural spring that ejects jets of water
Large body of ice that moves under its own weight
A hard solid with no crystalline structure (e.g. obsidian)
Metamorphic rock with light and dark banding
Yellow metal most commonly found in its native element form
Southern supercontinent after the breakup of Pangaea
Device used to measure the angles between crystal faces
Another term for a canyon or rift valley (e.g. Olduvai)
Depressed area of land between faults; opposite of horst
Trend in soil grain size, or the slope of a landform or road
Coarse-grained, felsic, intrusive igneous rock
2-4 mm rock clast, larger than sand, but smaller than pebbles
This mineral is the most stable form of carbon at STP
Loose rock pieces often used as an unpaved road surface
A mineral's specific _______ is its density divided by water's
Describes the shiny, oil-like luster of opal and nepheline
'Effect' by which a planet's atmosphere warms its surface
Metamorphosed basalt with epidote & chlorite; named for color
Refers to any water found at or beneath the water table
A seamount with a flat top produced by wave erosion
Mineral that defines a hardness of 2 on the Mohs Scale

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