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Can you name the root word or the word derived from it by adding one of the frequentative suffixes '-le' or '-er'?

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Root wordAnswerWith frequentative suffix
A solidified mass of liquid (e.g. blood)A confused, disordered jumble
To make a sharp, explosive sound, like a whipTo make a fizzing, popping sound
A tiny piece of food (esp. bread) that falls off a larger pieceTo fall apart or disintegrate
(Of a liquid) to fall in tiny quantitiesTo flow slowly in an unsteady stream
To drift on the surface of somethingTo flap or wave quickly or irregularly
Having an affection or liking for somethingTo lovingly caress
A playful or competitive activityTo make bets on the outcomes of things
To shine brightly, esp. with reflected lightTo shine with a faint, unsteady light
Part of forelimb below the wristTo touch, feel, manage, or control
Water mixed with dirtTo mix up, confuse, or make a mess of
Structure used by a bird to incubate eggs and rear youngTo tuck something into place snugly
To pierce or puncture as with a needleTo feel or cause a succession of sharp pokes
Root wordAnswerWith frequentative suffix
One who writesTo write or draw carelessly, or in a hurry
To move smoothly in continuous contact with a surfaceTo creep smoothly from side to side like a snake
Small fiery particleTo scintillate or show a brilliant luster
A tiny spot or blemishTo mark haphazardly with tiny spots
To eject liquid in a jet (as from a kettle)make a series of soft explosive sounds, like little jets of steam
To draw into the mouth by inhalingTo nurse or to allow to nurse
Sound like a clock makes, or to strike or pat gentlyTo touch repeatedly in a way that induces laughter
To walk or tread heavilyTo heavily run over something so as to bruise, crush, or injure
Short, high-pitched sound or chirpA quick succession of chirps, as by a bird
To walk through water or a similar impedimentTo walk with a swaying gait
To turn or veer, esp. to follow a roadTo move about aimlessly or haphazardly
To seize by pulling or violent forceTo fight close, hand-to-hand using holds and throws

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