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Can you name the English words that come from the Greek words with the given meaning?

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Literal MeaningAnswerCategory
both lifeclass of vertebrates
upon wordcomparison
not cutmatter constituent
self foodfood-making organism
hand practiceform of 'alternative medicine'
pale green leafpigment molecule
through knowledgemedical assessment
terrible lizardprehistoric animal
in workconserved physical quantity
Earth measurefield of mathematics
river horseanimal
water bringerchemical element
thrown overexaggeration
white cellimmune system cell
big eaterimmune system cell
Literal MeaningAnswerCategory
black islandsregion of Oceania
small lookscientific instrument
one stonemonument or solid block
sleep seizuremedical condition
big Oletter
straight opinionworldview or religion
child leadingteaching profession
flat footanimal
many cornermathematical object
false namefake identity
mind doctorfield of study
wing fingerprehistoric animal
together sufferingstate of mind
far soundcommunication device
place writefield of study

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