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Can you name the entertainment-related English terms from their modern Greek cognates?

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κριτικόςPerson who appraises the work of others, especially in the arts
ειρωνείαSituation in a plot contrary to what was to be expected, not really like rain on a wedding day
ακροβάτηςAgile circus performer, e.g. one who uses trapeze
μίμοςA type of farcical performer who does not speak, using only gestures
κωμωδίαA play that is light and humorous in tone
σάτιραA work of art that ridicules its subject, often as a means of provoking change
κάθαρσηRelease or purge of emotional tension
μυστήριοGenre focused on finding an answer or solving a puzzle
θέατροA place where plays or movies are shown
χαρακτήραςPerson or other being that appears in a story
θέμαThe subject of an artistic piece, or a song that identifies a TV program or character
μονόλογοςSpeech by one person in a play; sometimes a soliloquy
παρωδίαA work or performance that ridicules or spoofs another work
σκηνήContinuous portion of a play or show that occurs without a change of location or time
αυτόγραφοSignature, particularly of someone famous
πανόραμαA picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene
τραγωδίαA story in which one or more people are brought to ruin, often through some fatal flaw
δράμαA play, show, or story, particularly one with a serious tone
ήρωαςThe main protagonist of a story, or one who performs great deeds
κρίσηCrucial point, e.g. where conflict reaches its peak; possibly an opportunity

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