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Variable type that stores a single binary value
Type of legume
Sea named for being in the 'middle of the world'
One-eyed, or a style of masonry
Largest contiguous body of water in the world
Whale or dolphin
This sort of 'section' is one way to deliver babies.
Taxonomic class of crabs and pillbugs
Average (arithmetic or geometric)
To help transition from milk to solid food
Irish equivalent of the name 'John'
Requiring great strength, like 12 mythical labors
To stand at a slant
Able to change (as in form) quickly or easily
Beneath the ground
Pertaining to plane geometry
To gather information from fragmented sources
Blue color similar to that of the sky
Related to atomist philosophy, hedonism, or food
Early eon, or non-eubacterial prokaryote

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