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Pigment that gives autumn leaves their yellow color
Superorder with armadillos (cingulata), and sloths (pilosa)
Foreign inclusion trapped inside a different kind of rock
Heaviest noble gas with non-radioactive isotopes
Desert or '_____ shrubland' is the biome with the least rainfall
'Process' extending from the bottom of the sternum
Logic gate that returns true when both inputs are equal
High-energy electromagnetic radiation from non-nuclear sources
Vascular plant tissue that transports water and minerals
Wood sugar alcohol used as a non-caloric sweetener
Type of gauge theory with an SU(N) symmetry group
Pitch, roll, and ___ describe an airplane's heading
Single-celled fungi; some make alcohol or make bread rise
Conifer used to make longbows and the chemotherapy drug, Taxol
The mass of products that one gets from a chemical reaction
Metric prefix meaning 10–24

Food material for a developing embryo in an egg
The ratio of stress to strain is known as _____'s modulus.
Lanthanide metal used in attosecond precision atomic clocks
The ______ potential is
The ______ effect is the splitting of spectral lines in a magnetic field
The highest point in the sky that a body reaches in a day
Porous aluminosilicate minerals used as an adsorbents or catalysts
Law of thermodynamics that says thermal equilibrium is transitive
The Riemann ____ function is the sum of n–s for n=1,2,3,...
Metal applied to a surface when it is being galvanized
Circle of 12 divisions of the ecliptic, or of celestial longitude
Disease that can be jump from other animals to humans
Hybrid offspring of a horse mare and zebra stallion
A fertilized ovum

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