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Can you name the organism that is least closely related (genetically) to the other two?

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A. goose
B. loon
C. mockingbird
A. albatross
B. barnacle
C. coral
A. shark
B. lamprey
C. eel
A. giraffe
B. orca
C. walrus
A. yeast
B. wildebeest
C. staphylococcus
A. horse
B. tapir
C. camel
A. mushroom
B. jaguar
C. sponge
A. green algae
B. bread mold
C. owl
A. gopher
B. beaver
C. mole
A. elm tree
B. tulip
C. pine tree
A. manatee
B. rabbit
C. hyrax
A. kiwi (bird)
B. peacock
C. chicken
A. salamander
B. gecko
C. turkey
A. aardvark
B. giant anteater
C. armadillo
A. grizzly bear
B. lungfish
C. frog
A. marmot
B. ferret
C. wolf
A. sea urchin
B. oyster
C. turtle
A. gibbon
B. baboon
C. human
A. leopard seal
B. lynx
C. fox
A. piranha
B. panda
C. coelocanth
A. corn
B. lily
C. bean plant
A. fern
B. hornwort
C. cactus
A. wombat
B. platypus
C. moose
A. wolverine
B. squirrel
C. Tasmanian devil

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