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Can you name the words that have different meanings in different fields?

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Linguistics: A base word
with no prefixes, suffixes or
Computer Science: the highest level directory in a file system
Mathematics: 3-dimensional analogue of a face (2-D), edge (1-D), or vertex (0-D)Biology: basic unit of life consisting of cytosol bound in a plasma membrane
Geology: land mass that forms at the mouth of a riverMathematics: Kronecker's _____ function is a discrete distribution. Dirac's is (mostly) continuous.
Chemistry: kind of organic compound with two alkyl groups connected by an oxygen atomPhysics: hypothetical medium once believed to carry light waves
Physics: internal forces between the atoms or molecules of a materialLinguistics: the emphasis placed on certain syllables
Biology: a delivery mechanism (e.g. a virus for a gene or mosquito for a virus)Physics: a quantity with magnitude and direction
Chemistry: the maximum number of hydrogen atoms that an atom can combine withPsychology: intrinsic positivity or negativity of an emotion or stimulus
Chemistry: a chemical made of a single type of atomMathematics: something contained in a set, also known as a 'member'
Biology: a renal ________ is also called a kidney stoneMathematics: the study of rates of change
Biology: of or relating to the sides of the skullPhysics: of or relating to time (compare to spatial)
Field 1AnswerField 2
Cosmology: superluminal expansion of the Universe shortly after the Big BangEconomics: a general rise in prices
Astronomy: an object orbiting a larger object (especially a planet)Biology: sequence of tandem-repeating DNA found near the centromere in eukaryotes
Linguistics: __________ verbs have direct objectsMathematics: the __________ property states that if A=B, and B=C, then A=C
Physics: a system's __________ function is equal to its kinetic energy minus its potentialAstronomy: a system's __________ points are relative positions where a smaller body can stably orbit
Psychology: the channeling or transformation of one feeling or impulse into anotherPhysics: the conversion of a solid directly to a gas
Linguistics: part of speech used to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentencesAstronomy: two bodies are in ___________ when they have the same right ascension
Linguistics: process in which sounds take on features of adjacent soundsSociology: Process in which a minority adopts the culture and/or language of the dominant group
Biology: an anatomical jointLinguistics: the movement of speech organs in order to produce a sound
Chemistry: production of a solid from a solution via a chemical reactionMeteorology: any form of water that falls to Earth under gravity
Biology: the process of breeding different varieties of organism with one anotherChemistry: mixing of atomic orbitals to form bonding orbitals

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