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Can you name the words beginning with each letter of the alphabet that have different meanings in different fields?

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(A) Physics: _____ particles are identical to high energy helium nuclei(A) Biology: dominant individual in a group of animals
(B) Biology: Linnaean style of nomenclature(B) Mathematics: distribution for number of heads in N coin flips
(C) Geology: plane along which a mineral splits(C) Biology: earliest cell divisions of a zygote occurring without cell growth
(D) Geology: crystal that grows in a branching pattern(D) Biology: afferent projection of a neuron
(E) Biology: warm blooded(E) Chemistry: type of reaction that absorbs heat
(F) Chemistry: in metallurgy, a substance added to molten metals to remove impurities and/or inhibit oxidation(F) Physics: number of 'field lines' for a vector field passing through a surface
(G) Chemistry: a column in the periodic table(G) Mathematics: a set that, under 'multiplication', is closed, associative, invertible, and has an identity
(H) Chemistry: __________ series consist of compounds that differ in number of repetitions of a subunit (e.g. CH2 for alkanes)(H) Biology: similar due to derivation from a common ancestral trait
(I) Physics: production of voltage by a changing magnetic field(I) Mathematics: recursive method for proving statements about natural numbers
(J) Geology: shiny black form of lignite coal(J) Astronomy: plume of gas from the axis of an accretion disk
(K) Biology: the seed inside a nut(K) Mathematics: the elements of a function's domain that map to zero.
(L) Biology: small molecule binding to a target site on a protein(L) Chemistry: non-central atom in a coordination complex
(M) Mathematics: the norm of a vector (i.e. its 'length' in Euclidean space)(M) Astronomy: logarithmic measure of an object's brightness
Field 1AnswerField 2
(N) Physics: stationary point of a standing wave(N) Mathematics: in graph theory, another word for a vertex of a graph
(O) Biology: eyesocket(O) Astronomy: the path of a body under gravity
(P) Geology: the ability of a rock to allow water to flow through it(P) Physics: degree of magnetization in response to a magnetic field
(Q) Biology: ________ protein structure involves arrangement of multiple polypeptide subunits(Q) Geology: the period from the end of the Neogene to the present
(R) Mathematics: symbol used for taking roots of numbers(R) Chemistry: an atom or molecule with unpaired valence electrons
(S) Physics: the _____________ principle states that the net electric field is the sum of fields from individual sources(S) Geology: the _____________ principle states that deeper sedimentary layers tend to be older deposits
(T) Biology: conversion of mRNA to protein(T) Mathematics: sliding an object (without rotating or flipping it)
(U) Physics: standard quantity of measurement (e.g. meter, second, lumen)(U) Mathematics: a ____ circle has a radius of 1
(V) Geology: a fracture filled with a mineral(V) Biology: vessel carrying blood towards the heart
(W) Mathematics: coefficient used to quantify a term's relative contribution to an average(W) Physics: downward force due to gravity, not synonymous with mass
(X) Biology: A _____ culture is grown in association with unknown microbiota(X) Chemistry: _____ acid is a noble gas compound with formula H2XeO2
(Y) Physics: to plastically deform or buckle(Y) Chemistry: the amount of a product obtained from a reaction
(Z) Physics: direction of fluid flow perpendicular to meridional(Z) Geology: soil type with properties determined by climate rather than parent material

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