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Most massive planetary satellite in the Solar System
Molecular conformation that is staggered, but not 'anti'
Kind of transformation under which a field is invariant
Faint antisolar halo in the night sky due to backscattering
The nth root of the product of n numbers is this sort of mean
Non-neurons that support and protect neurons in the CNS
Polysaccharide that stores energy in the liver and muscles
Depression between parallel faults; opposite of horst
Maximal directional derivative of a scalar field
2-D, hexagonal, semiconducting carbon allotrope
The earliest eon, when much of Earth's surface was molten
Category of particles that are made up of quarks
Frequency that is a multiple of an oscillator's fundamental
This type of diagram relates the luminosity and color of stars
Complex-differentiable function type equivalent to analytic
Thin spire of rock formed by erosion; mostly in deserts
Genes that regulate segmentation in most animals
Law relating the redshift of galaxies to their distance
Soil fraction made of well-decomposed organic matter
U-shaped upper neck bone also called the 'lingual bone'
Any member of the order with the largest Triassic aquatic reptiles
Any operator M such that
Generalization of electrical resistance: Z=R+iωL-i/(ωC)
Time integral of force, or change in momentum
Superposition of two waves to form a resultant waveform
Edema is caused by the accumulation of this kind of fluid
Noncoding section of mRNA spliced out before translation
Rare metal more common in asteroids or the K-T boundary
Common, non-systematic name used for methylpropane
Different enzymes that catalyze the same reaction

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