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Can you name the science-related terms that start with j, k, or l??

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Matrix of 1st order partial derivatives of a multivalued function
Organ responsible for sensing pheromones in many animals
Yellowing of the skin and eyes caused by buildup of bilirubin
Section of small intestine between the ileum and duodenum
The time derivative of acceleration (as acceleration is for velocity)
An extremely fast, narrow air current high in the atmosphere
Term that refers to any juvenile marsupial or monotreme
SI unit of energy
Fractal set of complex z such that zn+1=z2+c converges
Period preceding the Cretaceous on the geologic time scale
Landscape whose rocks dissolve away leaving sinkholes & caves
_________ winds flow down from high-density regions on hills
Family of cysteine-heavy proteins found in hair and skin
Organic compound with a carbonyl group on a non-terminal carbon
An enzyme that catalyzes the phosphorylation of something
_______ energy is the sort that is due to motion
A _____ bottle has a single surface with no inside or outside
The _____ citric acid cycle in aerobic respiration produces CO2
'Belt' of icy (or rocky) objects beyond the orbit of Neptune
What comes next? Mean, variance, skewness, ________
_______ flow is the opposite of turbulent flow
White blood cell

Composite organism of fungus, algae, and/or cyanobacteria
Connective tissue that links bones together
Life is made of carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids & ______
The lightest metal or heaviest stable primordial element
Solid shell of Earth consisting of the crust and outermost mantle
Relativistic transformation that relates inertial reference frames
Total radiative power of an object (i.e. its 'brightness')
The _________ phase of a phage's life cycle is dormant

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