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Along with the NHL's Ducks, MLB's Los Angeles Angels are actually based in this city 
First male tennis player to win all 4 Grand Slam tournaments on 3 different surfaces 
Proper title of 'The Gunners', the Premier League club of Holloway, London 
The largest country in Africa
by area
The largest state of Brazil, or the second largest state of Venezuela by area 
Largest city and former capital of Kazakhstan
Swedish pop group that sang 'Dancing Queen' and
'Honey Honey'
11th Beatles album featuring 'Come Together' and
'Here Comes the Sun'
Nirvana song from 'In Utero': 'What else should I be?
___ _________'
2009 James Cameron sci-fi film that broke previous all-time box-office records 
Martin Sheen hunts down a renegade Marlon Brando in this 1979 Vietnam War film 
'Le Fabuleux Destin d'______ Poulain' is known in English just by this character's name 
1999 Television series featuring a title character originally from 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer' 
BBC sitcom featuring drug-loving PR agent Edina Monsoon and her hapless daughter Saffron 
Fox sitcom about a corrupt, wealthy family with a surprising variety of chicken dances 
Just For Fun
Arrange letters to           
Clarify the                  
Reading of 'AMAGNAR'.                
Only if read as a word, not 
Spelled out would TLA mean
Three Letter _______       
Initial letters that           
Can be read vertically      
Piece of plastic at the end of a shoelace that facilitates threading it through holes 
Another name for a species of nightshade (and the fruit it produces) also known as eggplant 
______ wool is from a kind of rabbit, while the goat of the same name produces mohair 
Son of Phillip II of Macedonia who made an empire extending from Greece into India 
The ____ Sea has mostly evaporated since the 1960s due to Soviet irrigation projects 
The first capital of this empire was Ashur. Later it was moved
to Nineveh.
Legendary warrior of the Iliad who was invulnerable except for
his heel
Prison for wizards in the Harry Potter series
'Pride and Prejudice' author,
Jane ______
Part of speech in some languages that may be indefinite, like 'a' or 'an' or definite like 'the' 
Repeated bouts of the same vowel sound whether shouted out loud or just written down 

Official language of Ethiopia

Rate of change of velocity
Phylum of segmented worms, including earthworms, leeches, ragworms, and tubeworms 
The simplest ketone, with formula (CH3)2CO, sometime used as nail polish remover 
Company that introduced the game 'Pong' in 1972
2007 Ubisoft game series featuring Desmond Miles and his ancestor Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad 
World War II strategy board game published by
Milton Bradley
Marvel superhero team including Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk: The ________ 
First name of actor, Hopkins, chef Bourdain, or New Orleans Pelicans center, Davis 
Longest running music television program; broadcast live by PBS from Texas 
Goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology. Her Roman equivalent is Diana. 
In the Bible, Noah's Ark landed in the 'Mountains of ______' near the Turco-Armenian border 
Term for a monastery or place for ascetics in Hinduism
International holiday to celebrate planting and caring for trees
Pre-Christmas liturgical period that commences the Western Christian calendar 
November 11: commemorates the end of Western Front fighting in World War I 

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