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Can you name the science-related terms containing 'XY', 'YX', 'YZ', or 'ZY'?

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Large, gravitationally bound system of stars and other matter, like Andromeda or the Milky Way 
Type of remote server that can be used to conceal one's IP address online 
Strong adhesive resin containing cyclic
ether groups
Vascular plant tissue that transports
water and minerals
Hormone that promotes pair-bonding and the 'letdown reflex' allowing the release of milk 
Term for the –COOH functional group

The growth of crystals on a substrate, preserving the latter's orientation 
To render someone or something immobile, e.g. what a wasp sting to a spider 
What platinum does to the breakdown of hydrocarbons left over in car exhaust 
What one does with the blood of someone with renal failure in order to clean it 
To cleave a peptide bond with a water molecule

An alignment of three or more celestial bodies

Archaic term for bryozoans because they are often found in clumps of 'many' 
Term for rhinitis, as from a cold



Banded variety of quartz similar to agate, and usually black and white in color 
Not the first bird, but this species was an early indication of their theropod origins 
Genus of antelope from arid regions of
Africa and Arabia
A flower sepal, or a urine chamber connecting the renal pyramids to the renal pelvis 
The genus of Kiwis, named due to their lack of (non-vestigial) wings 
Feeding behavior of sharks in the presence of abundant food and other sharks 
Any protein that acts to speed up a reaction by lowering its activation energy 
Technical term for 'identical' twins

Another term for cheekbones

Conjugated aromatic hydrocarbon radical with the formula C6H5–CH2 
The study and practice of fermentation

Toe configuration in some birds with two toes facing forward, and two backwards 

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