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Earth is approximately shaped like this type of spheroid
8-dimensional analogue of
the complex numbers
Only other extant animal in the same family as giraffes
'Fragments' of the lagging strand in DNA synthesis
Cell type that forms most myelin sheaths in the brain
Mountain formation process, e.g. at converging plates
Describes a set of linearly independent unit vectors
Device that displays a varying
voltage as a waveform
The densest element
(natural, at STP)
4-stroke engine cycle of 2 adiabats and 2 isochors
Era spanning from the Cambrian period to the Permian
Hexahedron with (possibly not congruent) parallelogram faces
Kind of taxon, like Reptilia, that excludes some decendants
Distance at which 1 astronomical unit subtends 1 arc second
Zone in the open ocean above the demersal and benthic zones
Kind of bonds that form the backbone of proteins
Most abundant state of 'ordinary' matter in nature
Rotation of a rotation axis. Earth's takes 25,772 years
Pathogenic protein conformer that misfolds healthy proteins
Second lightest element that has no stable isotopes
Underground desert aqueduct system developed in ancient Persia
Extinct zebra subspecies, or the zebra's species name
Trans-Neptunian object suspected of having had cryovolcanoes
This type of particle makes up all types of hadrons
Silicon dioxide mineral with a
trigonal crystal system
Most distant and luminous type of active galactic nucleus
Binary digit that can be put into a superposition of states
Anti-malarial drug made from the bark of an Andean tree
Lowest degree polynomials with roots not expressible as radicals
After the Tasmanian devil, the largest extant dasyurid

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