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Article about a picture of a dog
Old Disney cartoon that caused self-harm
Lost episode of The Simpsons
Lost episode of Spongebob Squarepants
Haunted Zelda game
Video Game haunting involving a deleted character
Group of kids find creepy tapes left by the previous owner of their house
Man wakes up in world made of dog parts
Dangerous objects being held in a building to protect society
Stories about crazy people you meet in mental institutions
Guy goes through his friend's discarded tapes of an abandoned college film
Series of exercise videos that go horribly wrong
Forum excerpt about a local children's show from the 70s
Ritual involving a game, a ghost, and hiding
Tales of a creature that whispers to you in your sleep just before it kills someone
Article about a town in Pokemon Red/Blue
Monster takes on the appearance of others, laughs creepily, and messes with a group of teens
Text adventure that had to be brute-forced to finished
Guy plays text adventure that causes him to get hunted by a demon
How it was to work on the set of a movie that was removed from the air after one showing
Lost episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog
Frightening-looking imaginary friend taught the kid who imagined him to be vulgar and aggressive
Someone's relative has a psychotic break and tortures them
Someone's experience with a house of horrors that pays you if you get through the whole thing
A girl is called the wrong name by her mother
Famous webtoon on Naver
Someone keeps seeing a toy that traumatized them as a kid
Person is alone at night, gets comfort from dog
Typing game with a creepy chef
A man lives in a room by himself with only the voice of another man for companionship
Memetic hallucinations that cause you to post seemingly-random gibberish on a forum
The romantic life of the undead

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