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Laughing about this on the way to see your family during the holidays was a good day00:00 - 00:11
Too obvious to even give a clue for00:12 - 0:22
One of the best moments was when when you posted this on my Facebook, 'You don't have any game do you?' 0:23-0:33
On the way back from fourth of July, getting your Christian rock on...0:34-0:42
Oh Ohio State there anything you won't fry?0:43-0:53
A stormy day is the perfect excuse to cuddle up, watch, enjoy and laugh0:54-1:03
Because you love it1:04-1:14
I've always thought of myself of a caring Joel than a douchey Crosby...1:15-1:25
Season 2 makes everything even funnier, so it needs to be watched1:26-1:34
Saturday night live only puts up the best performers1:35-1:46
Because it's a sporcle quiz, I can't leave this out...1:47-1:56
Whatever you do, keep it natural Gurl1:57-2:07
I don't get the love of this...but you like it so it can't be all that bad...2:08-2:18
Open bars, weddings, good times...2:19-2:29
The first time I called you, heart racing and stomach tied in knots, I heard this2:30-2:39
A few weeks in and we end up at the Mason house, thus the spice girls were born anew2:40-2:49
I remember sitting around your room just listening to iTunes, it was simple and beautiful2:50-3:00
When you're number one you can act that way3:00- 3:11
the brown people won!3:12-3:22
okay, okay, STILL the stupidest line ever..3:23-3:34
The grammy's would have been SO much more interesting right?3:35-3:46
I never did get around to getting those DVD's, I can fail like that sometimes..3:46-3:55
Rolled up in the tiny room of yours things always seemed to make sense3:56-4:06
Hey, It's you4:07-4:18
Because no matter what I know you'll make it, the single most astonishing woman I've ever known..4:18-4:25

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