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What are the similarities between Naruto and Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Forced Order
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Sibling who was an antagonist and used Fire Element
Healers of the trio
The Chosen Cinnamon Rolls with Wind Element as a starter
Aggressive ladies who rock
The very first mentors to the main characters
Hot-headed fire children with family issues
Beloved uncles who used Fire Element, and passed away
Optimistic, energetic non-elemental users who are very agile in battle
Animals who are friends with main character
Comic relief fighter who appears to be stupid, but is smarter than others think
Secret organization that's probably evil
Country named after a hot substance
Dark-haired and kind-hearted maidens who ended up marrying main character
Unmotivated characters who didn't like to get involved but got involved anyway
Antagonists who were batshit insane when important character fought with them
Second-in-command antagonists who tend to be hated by everyone in the fandom
Antagonistic leaders who both used Fire Element
Women warriors who really didn't get enough screentime and didn't use any element in battle
First-born kids of main characters' whose names stared with a 'B'
Characters who started out as antagonists, and then ended up dying later in the series
Mentors who taught main characters how to control their 'inner demons'
Next generation main characters who are liked less than the original

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