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I've been bowing, I've been scraping
And for ten long years I had to
But today I'm
For the last gold
It was waiting there
I'm returning home
Who's discovered
And what better
I'm the suitor who will
Bring the kingdom
And I'll wear the crown
Raise every glass
Praise that the reign of
Master in charge
All hail me!
I get all that I desire
Even though she treats me coldly,
For inside she's thinking,
Right, except there's one little problem, boss-
Right, the queen decided to marry off the princess to the king of Dulcenia next week
WHO does she think she is?!
You simpering simpleton!
She's got a crown, and a scepter and sits in her big fancy chair and always got on-
This peasant son won't turn and run
Ah..! It's... a...
It's a momentary lapse
And the moment I get back
You can bet your bullion there'll be no
Yes, suppose the girl goes missing,
Then I find her, bring her back,
Then the queen will be so grateful that she'll
And I'll humbly tell her,
I'll arise and take the throne, and that nitwit Anneliese can
For the kingdom and the castle will be
If the crown should fit, then,
Sooooo geett-!
And stand by with the champagne
Yes, before the chapter closes
It's a thankless job, but
Howww cann I-

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