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'I knew a girl in shades of blue, who broke my heart and said we're through. Waiting for a girl like you to change me like the weather.'
Sunshine State of Mind 
'Here's a song for the nights I think too much and here's a song when I imagine us together.'
Smile Kid 
'We'll write a song that turns out the lights, when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside.'
We The Kings 
'Run, baby, run. Don't ever look back.They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance.'
We The Kings 
'She's the girl that no one ever knows. And I say hi but she's too shy to say hello.'
Sunshine State of Mind 
'Do you remember the nights we'd stay up just laughing, smiling for hours at anything?'
Smile Kid 
'Let's take off in flight and race through the sky. And like the hundreds of airplanes we're floating way up high.'
Smile Kid 
'She said let's change our luck, this night is all we got.'
We The Kings 
'Just sit back and tell me I'm a liar for this. Don't roll your eyes, rewind, this happens way too many times.'
We The Kings 
'I woke up with a headache from a night I won't forget.'
Sunshine State of Mind 

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