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Can you name the US state capitals that are named after real people?

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Capital Name OriginCapitalBonus Info
Italian explorer who 'discovered' the New World.
A fort in the region, which was named for an early American fur trader of French-Canadian origin.
A gold prospector who was one of the early settlers in the area.
An early settler who was killed in a skirmish with local Native Americans.
An older, poetic name for the Americas, which comes from the name of an early explorer.
One of the leading landowners who purchased most of the land from the original settlers.
After the county it resides in, which was named after a military officer killed during the War of 1812.
The first church in the area, which was named after a notable Biblical person.
The sponsor of the lost Colonoy of Roanoke.
A Revoultionary War hero.
An early settler who helped bring new residents to the state. Later he helped in the revolution for freedom. Known as 'The Father of (state name)'.
The daughter of Henry Dearborn who was a physician, statesman and vetern of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.
Founding father and former President of the United States, who died shortly before the city was created.
Capital Name OriginCapitalBonus Info
The 7th President of the United States in honor of his victory at the Battle of New Orleans.
The father and son who were early settlers and helped lay out the town.
After the river on which it was founded, which was named for the mountian man and scout that was hired to lead the expedition into the area.
The town in New York where early settlers (who were actually scammed into buying land) came from. The town in New York was named an early American lawyer and politician.
In honor of a former president who helped expand the United States to include the area in which this state is located.
In honor of a German Chancellor in hopes of attracting German investors.
In honor of a Territorial Governor, in hopes it would persuade him to name it as the county seat.
After the 16th President of the United States.
In honor of the Duke of (part of state name), who later went on to become James II of England and James VII of Scotland.
Originally named after the wife of Lord Baltimore, but later renamed to its current form in honor of a princess who would later become the Queen of Great Britain.
Usually assumed to be named after the father of an early settler.
President in office at the time the captial was created.

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