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Can you name the Stuff You Can't Say in a Classroom Full of 12-Year-Olds?

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'There's no seating chart, so you are free to _______ ________ __________'
'P.E. is over. Please return all equipment to the ________ ________'
'As a bird watcher, Darwin admired the ______________ of the Galapagos'
'_____________ are very important to low-lying countries like the Netherlands'
'_________ _______________ migrated out of Africa about one million years ago'
'There are often many divisions within a religion. Christianity may have the most ____________'
'The British settled Australia to establish a ________ _______'
'This route, used in the late 19th century to drive cattle from Texas to Kansas, was called the ________ ________'
'Please open your books to page _______'
'With more than 600,000 Americans dead or wounded, the Civil War was an especially ________ ___________ in history'
'The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world's biggest ______________'
'The largest of the toothed whales is the ________ ______'
'And the male pheasant is called the _________'
'Like with Saturn, there are a number of rings around ________________'
'Flaubert's masterpiece is 'Madame ____________''
'At first, the facade seemed to withstand the earthquake, ______ ________ developed'
'On the border of Peru and Bolivia is Lake ________________'
'The men were using pressurized fluid to extract oil and gas from underground. They were _________________ vigorously'

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