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Can you name the Scrabble Z words based on the clues?

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Violent attack. Speed chess.
Take a nap.A light sleep.
Labyrinth. Intricate pathways.
Cheer to express joy.A shout.
Diseased person.One with leprosy.
Striped horse.Football ref.
Thin, transparent fabric.Surgical dressing.
To cause great wonder.Astonish.
Insane.Kids magazine.
DefinitionsAnswers!More Clues.
A clumsy person.Dolt.
Reanimated corpseRob, White.
Musical instrument.Toy.
Man's hat with black tassle.Seen in the Mediterranean.
Kind of hatchet.Used for roofing.
Sleep.Australian 'Z'.
Has crust and tmto sauce.Pepperoni, sausage.
Dazed. Confused.Dizzy.
Buffoon.Idiot. Famous Clown.

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