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Can you name the Scrabble Words that Start with Q?

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Portion of a whole.Percentage allowed.
Resembling. Virtual.Seeming.
Slake a thirst.Extinguish.
Extravagantly chivalrous.Impulsive and unpredictable.
Muslim tribal chief.A Berber chieftan.
Drinks with enjoyment.Swallows, gulps.
Makes tranquil or peaceful.Pacifies.
More rapid.Speedier.
25 percent.One of the four.
A majority.A particularly chosen group.
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Evergreen shrub.Narcotic leaves.
Vibrate tremulously.Shake with rapid motion.
A quality as an independent object.A feeling with a distinctive quality.
Provide with necessary skills.To limit or modify.
Peculiarity.Unexpected twist.
A white, bitter alkaloid.Usually taken orally.
Pursuits to obtain.Adventurous expeditions.
Stops, ceases.Discontinues.
Bodily life-force.Affected by acupuncture.
A question. An inquiry.Mental reservation.

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