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QUIZ: Can you name the Scrabble Words that Start with J?

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A small, military vehicle.First used during WWII.
A conceited, impertinent person.A mischievous child.
A game children play.Tools used for lifting heavy objects.
Great delight or happiness.A state of felicity.
Betraying disciple.A traitor.
Christmas song: ____ BellsTo make clinking or tinkling sounds.
Something amusing or ridiculous.Something done to cause laughter.
Swing music or early Jazz.Deceptive or meaningless talk. (Slang)
A sturdy, twilled fabric.Usually blue.
Language of a particular trade or group.Gibberish. Meaningless talk or writing.
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A game.This word is of French origin.
Worthless stuff.Old or discarded material.
To talk rapidly and nonsensically.Chatter.
A girl or woman. A sweetheart.Went down the hill with Jack.
Ultranationalism. Superpatriotism.Bellicose chauvinism.
Satiated by overindulgence.Worn out or wearied.
A male donkey.TV show with moronic stunts.
To speak or shout derisively.To scoff or jibe rudely.
Coffee. (Slang)Common name for males.
A close-fitting sweater or shirt.Sports teams wear them.

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