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Can you name the Scrabble Words that end with Z?

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Alternative spelling of trousers.Walloon municipality of Belgium.
Obama, currently.Slang for president.
An axe-like tool.Steel blade with a wooden handle.
Frequency of one cycle per second.Car rental company.
German soldier. (Slang)With 'out', to become inoperable.
Onomatopoeia for snoring.What one can say if they are bored.
Word used to express disgust or contempt.A card game.
A mineral used as a gem.Occurs in crystals of various colors.
Nose, honker.Olfactory organ.
Excessively sentimental art or music.Maudlin sentimentality.
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To make a buzzing sound.To move or rush with a buzzing sound.
A fool. An idiot.With 'about', to do nothing of value.
Alive with activity.Humming with conversation.
Ancient Hebrew silver coin.Fourth part of a silver shekel.
Classic form of Ethiopian language.Expression to express mild annoyance.
A low quality diamond.Used as an abrasive in industry.
Very hard material composed of silica.Types include opal, agate, and flint.
Any of several dogs having a stocky body.Chow chow, Pomeranian, Samoyed.
Loose, light, or fluffy matter.Police. (Slang)
Person who is spastic.Lose physical or emotional control.

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