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Can you name the Scrabble Words that end with X?

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To spar.Container, usually made of cardboard.
Gaseous oxygen.Three letters.
To bewitch.Practice witchcraft on.
Varicose vein.A tortuous dilated vein.
A person or thing that brings bad luck.To bring bad luck to.
A game.French word. (Plural)
Member of the bovine family.A clumsy person.
To irritate or annoy.To torment or trouble.
Number taken as the base system.Root, radical.
Dry plant stem.Usually of large plants.
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A type of wildcat.Has a short tail and tufted ears.
Tool with a bladed head.Fire someone. (Slang)
Member of the dog family.A cunning or crafty person.
A cooked mixture of butter and fat.Used to make sauces.
A burdensome charge.Money demanded by the government.
Come off alcohol and/or drugs.Undergo treatment for addiction.
A large antelope.Found in Africa.
Something intended to deceive.Hoodwink.
Purplish-red.A shell used as a trumpet.
Substance that melts at 145F.Used to make candles.

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