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QUIZ: Can you name the Moderately Difficult Scrabble Bingos?

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Scrambled LettersBingo!More Clues
GINTAABDecreasing in intensity.
YEARBLSBeer ingredient.
ATECBAREntertaining cafe.
FENDSEAOverwhelms with noise.
DOCEDNEConverted a message.
EEERIKGMore nerdy.
DAHCKODA kind of fish.
IEISGNTSets on fire.
LYLLJOIGayly. Merrily.
KRTESEERump. (Slang)
RCMAEMAHandmade, lacelike webbing.
Scrambled LettersBingo!More Clues
XUOONSIHarmful. Poisonous.
LORDAINPertaining to rank or position.
ZAPRESTBad chess players.
UUMATNQA particular amount.
PEARPRSDr Dre, Snoop Dogg, and others.
EDUSTEACooked a fish.
EEEEPSTIndian tents.
MUNXEDISorted. Pure
LUFTVASEnough to fill a ___!
ZWESTALBallroom dances.
LYXOTILNatural sugar.
LEEDDOYSung by Swiss mountaineers.
LAZYONLPertaining to an area.

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