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Part 1 of 2! This quiz goes up to the end of season 4. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

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What is the name of the book Phoebe finds in the attic?Something Wicca This Way Comes
What was the name of the demon who stole the youth of women?I've Got You Under My Skin
Who is the sisters' father?Thank You For Not Morphing
Who was the ghost that Piper developed feelings for?Dead Man Dating
What was the dream sorcerer's real name?Dream Sorcerer
What was the name of the demon who stole Alison Michaels' wedding?The Wedding From Hell
Who was the witch possessed by the demon Kali?The Fourth Sister
What spell did Prue cast to see how Andy would react to her secret?The Truth Is Out There… and It Hurts
Who cursed Matthew Tate into the locket?The Witch Is Back
What did Rex trick Prue into stealing?Wicca Envy
What did Clay steal?Feats of Clay
What was the Wendigo's human name?The Wendigo
What did Phoebe think her worst fear was?From Fear to Eternity
What is Leo really?Secrets and Guys
What was Phoebe possessed by?Is There a Woogy in the House?
What was the War Lord's name?Which Prue Is It, Anyway?
Who was the warlock that was immune to their powers?That '70s Episode
What did Brendan want to become to avoid fulfilling his evil destiny?When Bad Warlocks Turn Good
What were the two demons called?Out of Sight
Where was Piper in this episode?The Power of Two
What was Leo almost killed by?Love Hurts
What is the name of the demon Rodriguez was working for?Déjà Vu All Over Again
Who was the demon undoing every spell they had ever cast?Witch Trials
Who was Piper's ex-husband in 2009?Morality Bites
What was the man trapped in the painting?The Painted World
What band was Carlton the manager of?The Devil's Music
What is Prue turned into in this episode?She's a Man, Baby, a Man!
What was the Chosen One's name?That Old Black Magic
Who were the knowledge-stealing warlocks?They're Everywhere
Who do the sisters meet in this episode?P3 H2O
Which demon appeared in this episode who had also appeared in the episode 'From Fear to Eternity'?Ms. Hellfire
Who was the demon that stole Cupid's ring?Heartbreak City
What was the name of the baby that the ghost wanted to kill?Reckless Abandon
What spell did Phoebe and Prue cast to save Piper's life?Awakened
Which three animals were turned into humans?Animal Pragmatism
What were Piper and Prue to Phoebe in her evil past life?Pardon My Past
Who kidnapped Prue?Give Me A Sign
What did Prue almost do as a result of the darklighter's influence?Murphy's Luck
What was the demon of vanity's name?How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
Which demon was after the sisters in this episode?Chick Flick
Who was Phoebe's classmate that was killed by the demon Libris?Ex Libris
Who was the doctor that gained the sisters' powers?Astral Monkey
Which Horseman got sucked into the vortex with Prue?Apocalypse, Not
What power did Phoebe gain as a result of her wish?Be Careful What You Witch For
How long had Piper been gone with Leo?The Honeymoon's Over
What did 'a night within a day' mean?Magic Hour
What was the fairy's name?Once Upon a Time
What was Piper's costume?All Halliwell's Eve
Who was the other demon that the Triad had sent to kill the Charmed Ones? (His weakness was cold)Sight Unseen
What power does Prue unwillingly gain in this episode, and nearly goes insane because of it?Primrose Empath
What was the demon of rage's name?Power Outage
Where does Phoebe 'vanquish' Cole?Sleuthing with the Enemy
Which evil spirit was Piper possessed by?Coyote Piper
What entity lives in the ice cream truck?We All Scream for Ice Cream
Which whitelighter temporarily takes over Leo's job?Blinded by the Whitelighter
What did Leo lose in this episode?Wrestling With Demons
Who did Piper freeze and shatter the hand of?Bride and Gloom
Who was the thug that was going to kill Bo?The Good, the Bad, and the Cursed
What day does Prue's astrally-projected self ruin?Just Harried
What was the 'shadow' following Andrea?Death Takes a Halliwell
What was the familiar/warlock's name?Pre-Witched
What sin is Leo infected with?Sin Francisco
Who was the demon Phoebe killed?The Demon Who Came in from the Cold
What new power does Piper gain?Exit Strategy
What is Prue turned into in this episode?Look Who's Barking
Who dies in this episode?All Hell Breaks Loose
Who plays Paige?Charmed Again, Part 1
Who attemped to kill Paige?Charmed Again, Part 2
What is Piper turned into while mourning Prue?Hell Hath No Fury
Which two of the Charmed Ones switch bodies?Enter the Demon
Who was the demon that shrunk the sisters?Size Matters
What was Paige in a past life?A Knight to Remember
What was the manor in Piper's alternate reality?Brain Drain
Who was the demon that looked very similar to Belthazor?Black as Cole
Who is the sisters' muse?Muse to My Ears
What is the only way to summon Clyde?A Paige from the Past
What did Phoebe want to do to convice to jury that magic exists?Trial by Magic
What was the Firestarter's name?Lost and Bound
What was the power that the Source unleashed?Charmed and Dangerous
Who was the other demon planning to take over the underworld?The Three Faces of Phoebe
What does Phoebe accidentally become after Paige casts a vanishing spell on her?Marry-Go-Round
What does Cole use to make Paige paranoid and crazy?The Fifth Halliwheel
Who was the future whitelighter Rick and Nathan killed?Saving Private Leo
What does Paige turn into as a result of her bat attack?Bite Me
What is the 'evil Book of Shadows' called?We're Off to See the Wizard
Who was the Source's former assistant (who promised to keep it a secret that Phoebe had saved an innocent)?Long Live the Queen
What fruit did Phoebe try to eat, which her baby turned into a slice of meat?Womb Raider
Who visits the Charmed Ones with the offer of a normal life?Witch Way Now?

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