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Can you name the final words to these Harvey Danger lyrics, given the remaining number of words in (#)?

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Lyric beginningLyric endSource Song
Ears down to the noise floor just to... (3)
I dreamed we were alone all night... (7)
The remants of the leisure class will crumble! Smug bastards will be humbled! (2)
Strangers and spare changers stand in line like... (8)
You don't have to be a genius, but it helps to. Some are aliens... (4)
Hands can grow together if you're not... (5)
I saw the secret... (3)
Call me the looming shapes of... (3)
Now I'm still trying to decide between... (5)
But even when your heart got set on... (4)
I am Monsieur Bovary and you are... (2)
St. Leonard touched a philistine, a sacred tongue, a perfect rhyme, but even he was... (6)
I've never been a confident man... (9)
It doesn't hurt, it feels fine... (3)
If I thought that you could see me... (6)
Lyric beginningLyric endSource Song
It's the best you can manage just to stand... (3)
Bend to me your sweet ear... (6)
I'm sure that the prospects are sound in the event of... (2)
It doesn't make me cry to... (3)
And even if they stay in touch... (6)
Wormwood to quench you from... (3)
Stuck in a fallback and... (5)
It's kind of a puzzle, but you're... (3)
Lord knows I was a... (2)
I am authentic. I'm authenticity. ... (4)
I stayed in the car to hear... (8)
Bleach your hair, pretend that she didn't die, go up... (3)
Anyone who knows me knows... (4)
Like carnivores to carnal pleasures... (6)
Insert a fractured space, a bird... (5)

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