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Philosophy In a SentencePhilosopherLife Span
Everything Is Made Of Water(624-546 bce)
The Dao that Can Be Told Is Not The Eternal Dao(6th Century bce)
Number Is The Ruler Of Forms and Ideas(570-495 bce)
Happy Is He Who Has Overcome His Ego(563-483 bce)
Hold Faithfulness And Sincerity As First Principles(551-479 bce)
Everything Is Flux535-475 bce)
All Is One515-445 bce)
Man Is The Measure Of All Things(490-420 bce)
When One Throws To Me A Peach, I Return To Him A Plum(470-391 bce)
Nothing Exists Except Atoms And Empty Space(460-371 bce) (Early 5th Century bce)
The Life Which Is Unexamined Is Not Worth Living(469-399 bce)
Earthly Knowledge Is But Shadow(427-247 bce)
Truth Resides In The World Around Us(384-322 bce)
Death Is Nothing To Us(341-270 bce)
He Has The Most Who Is Most Content With The Least(404-323 bce)
The Goal Of Life Is Living In Agreement With Nature(332-265 bce)
God Is Not The Parent Of Evils(354-430 ce)
God Foresees Our Free Thoughts And Actions(480-525 ce)
The Soul Is Distinct From The Body(980-1037)
Just By Thinking About God We Can Know He Exists(1033-1109)
Philosophy And Religion Are Not Incompatible(1126-1198)
God Has No Attributes(1135-1204)
Don't Grieve. Anything You Lose Comes Round In Another Form(1207-1273)
The Universe Has Not Always Existed(1225-1274)
God Is The Not-Other(1401-1464)
To Know Nothing Is The Happiest Life(1466-1536)
The End Justifies The Means(1469-1527)
Fame And Tranquillity Can Never Be Bedfellows(1533-1592)
Knowledge Is Power(1561-1626)
Man Is A Machine(1588-1679)
I Think Therefore I Am(1596-1650)
Imagination Decides Everything(1623-1662)
God Is The Cause Of All Things, Which Are In Him(1632-1677)
No Man's Knowledge Here Can Go Beyond His Experience(1632-1704)
There Are Two Kinds Of Truths: Truths Of Reasoning And Truths Of Fact(1646-1716)
To Be Is To Be Perceived(1685-1753)
Philosophy In a SentencePhilosopherLife Span
Doubt Is Not A Pleasant Condition, But Certainty Is Absurd(1694-1778)
Custom Is The Great Guide Of Human Life(1711-1776)
Man Was Born Free Yet Everywhere He Is In Chains(1712-1778)
Man Is An Animal That Makes Bargains(1723-1790)
There Are Two Worlds: Our Bodies And The External World(1724-1804)
Society Is Indeed A Contract(1729-1797)
The Greatest Happiness For The Greatest Number(1748-1832)
Mind Has No Gender(1759-1797)
What Sort Of Philosophy One Chooses Depends On What Sort Of Person One Is(1762-1814)
About No Subject Is There Less Philosophizing Than About Philosophy(1762-1814)
Reality Is a Historical Process(1772-1829)
Every Man Takes The Limits Of His Own Field Of Vision For The Limits Of The World(1770-1831)
Theology Is Anthropology(1788-1860)
Over His Own Body And Mind, The Individual Is Sovereign(1806-1873)
Anxiety Is The Dizziness Of Freedom(1813-1855)
The History Of All Hitherto Existing Society Is The History Of Class Struggles(1818-1883)
Must The Citizen Ever Resign His Conscience To The Legislator?(1817-1862)
Consider What Effects Things Have(1839-1914)
Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference(1842-1910)
Man Is Something To Be Surpassed(1844-1900)
Men With Self-Confidence Come And See And Conquer(1856-1927)
Every Message Is Made Of Signs(1857-1913)
Experience By Itself Is Not Science(1859-1938)
Intuition Goes In The Very Direction Of Life(1859-1941)
We Only Think When We Are Confronted With Problems(1859-1952)
Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It(1863-1952)
It Is Only Suffering That Makes Us Persons(1864-1936)
Believe In Life(1868-1963)
The Road To Happiness Lies In an Organized Diminution Of Work(1872-1970)
Love Is A Bridge From poorer To Richer Knowledge(1874-1928)
Only As An Individual Can man Become A Philosopher(1893-1969)
Life Is A Series Of Collisions With The Future(1883-1955)
To Philosophize, First One Must Confess(1885-1962)
The Limits Of My Language Are The Limits Of My World(1889-1951)
We Are ourselves The Entities To Be Analysed(1889-1976)
The Individual's Only True Moral Choice Is Through Self-Sacrifice For The Community(1889-1960)
Philosophy In a SentencePhilosopherLife Span
Logic Is The Last Scientific Ingredient Of Philosophy(1891-1970)
The Only Way Of Knowing A Person Is To Love Them Without Hope(1892-1940)
That Which Is Cannot Be True(1898-1979)
History Does Not Belong To Us But We Belong To It(1900-2002)
In So Far As A Scientific Statement Speaks About Reality, It Must Be Falsifiable(1902-1994)
Intelligence Is A Moral Category (1903-1969)
Existence Precedes Essence (1905-1980)
The Banality Of Evil(1906-1975)
Reason Lives In Langauge(1906-1995)
In Order To See The World We Must Break With Our Familiar Acceptance Of It(1908-1961)
Man Is Defined As A Human Being And Woman As A Female(1908-1986)
Language Is A Social Art (1908-2000)
The Fundamental Sense Of Freedom Is Freedom From Chains (1909-1997)
Think Like A Mountain(1912-2009)
Life Will Be Lived All The Better If It Has No Meaning(1913-1960)
Language Is A Skin(1915-1980)
How Would We Manage Without A Culture?(1919-Present)
Normal Science Does Not Aim At Novelties Of Fact Or Theory (1922-1996)
The Principles Of Justice Are Chosen Behind A Veil Of Ignorance(1921-2002)
Art Is A Form Of Life(1923-2003)
Anything Goes(1924-1994)
Knowledge Is Produced To Be Sold(1924-1998)
For The Black Man, There Is Only One Destiny And It Is White(1925-1961)
Man Is An Invention Of Recent Date(1926-1984)
If We Choose, We Can Live In A World Of Comforting Illusion(1928-Present)
Society Is Dependant Upon Criticism Of Its Own Traditions(1929-Present)
There Is Nothing Outside The Text(1930-2004)
There Is Nothing Deep Down Inside Us Except What We Have Put There Ourselves(1931-2007)
Every Desire Has A Relation To Madness(1932-Present)
Every Empire Tells Itself And The World That It Is Unlike All Other Empires(1935-2003)
Thought Has Always Worked By Opposition(1937-Present)
Who Plays God In Present-Day Feminism?(1941-Present)
Philosophy Is Not Only A Written Enterprise(1944-1995)
In Suffering, The Animals Are Our Equals(1946-Present)
All The Best Marxist Analyses Are Always Analyses Of A Failure(1949-Present)

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