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Can you name the Tori Amos - Live (Most Frequently Played Songs)

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Original CDAnswer# Played
Little Earthquakes779
Under The Pink746
Little Earthquakes422
Little Earthquakes410
Little Earthquakes395
Little Earthquakes383
Boys For Pele363
Little Earthquakes358
Boys For Pele344
Under The Pink342
Boys For Pele322
Under The Pink321
Little Earthquakes321
Under The Pink313
Under The Pink278
Little Earthquakes271
Under The Pink257
Boys For Pele237
Little Earthquakes223
Boys For Pele220
From The Choirgirl Hotel214
Boys For Pele210
Boys For Pele202
Under The Pink197
Scarlet's Walk194
Boys For Pele190
Under The Pink184
Amereican Doll Posse183
Cover Song182
Little Earthquakes179
Boys For Pele179
From The Choirgirl Hotel178
Under The Pink178
Boys For Pele176
Under The Pink173
From The Choirgirl Hotel171
Great Expectations (Soundtrack)170
From The Choirgirl Hotel169
From The Choirgirl Hotel160
Original CDAnswer# Played
Boys For Pele152
From The Choirgirl Hotel149
Little Earthquakes140
Scarlet's Walk138
To Venus And Back135
Scarlet's Walk131
From The Choirgirl Hotel129
To Venus And Back125
Boys For Pele121
Strange Little Girls120
Boys For Pele120
Scarlet's Walk120
To Venus And Back117
From The Choirgirl Hotel114
Cover Song113
Under The Pink112
Scarlet's Walk111
Scarlet's Walk109
From The Choirgirl Hotel105
American Doll Posse103
The Beekeeper98
Boys For Pele97
From The Choirgirl Hotel97
The Beekeeper94
American Doll Posse93
Scarlet's Walk91
To Venus And Back87
To Venus And Back86
The Beekeeper84
From The Choirgirl Hotel84
Scarlet's Walk84
To Venus And Back83
To Venus And Back79
Scarlet's Walk78
Cover Song78

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