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Can you name the answers to these TV questions which all relate to a different show?

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The sibling of Lucy and Rerun in the Charlie Brown cartoons 
Character portrayed by James Van Der Beek; possessed a creek in the show's title 
British detective show that was a spin-off of Inspector Morse 
These answers are all surnames of characters on which TV show? 
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Last word in a hit game show; John Carpenter was its first winner 
Former Nickelodeon cartoon 'As Told By ______' 
Precedes Oak, Elm, or Ivy on the Pok√©mon cartoons 
These answers are all characters (or their nicknames) from which TV show? 
Show 3
Episodes such as 'Who Shot JR?' and pretty much any episode of 24 
Reality show featuring couples, '______ Island' 
Televised event sponsored by The E. W. Scripps Company 
These answers are all games on what show? 
Show 4
In Sue Hawk's infamous jury speech on Survivor, she said the island was full of rats and this other animal 
Mr. Teeny on The Simpsons and Marcel on Friends 
Diego of 'Go, Diego, Go!' has one of these types of animals as a pet 
These answers, without an adjective that precedes them, were three of the teams on which show? 
Show 5
As a verb instead of an action verb, the first word in the title of The Jeffersons theme song 
Nickelodeon variety show, 'All ____' 
Mrs. Frizzle drove a magic one 
These answers form a three-word phrase you would hear on which TV show? 

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