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Can you name the words to complete the quotes by Debbie Wanner from Survivor: Kaoh Rong?

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'____ lay down for me like lovers!'On kicking butt in challenges
'I'm a chemist, but I've been a photonics manufacturing supervisor, an electronics expert, a bartender, caretaker to ____, and between jobs, I fill in at Red Lobster as a server'On her many, many jobs
'Just because I have an immune system like a ____ doesn't mean you do'On why she can drink unboiled water
'Go brains, go! Move that gray _____! Wooooo brains!'Debbie as a cheerleader
'We have the bigger ____ ____!'Debbie cheerleading her tribe again
'Your _____ are firing on all cylinders! Lets go boys!'Debbie cheerleading her tribe...again
'We need to be subversive, we need to plant _____, we need to move purpose Joe....and we need to do it now!'On blindsiding Peter and Liz, part I
'The bomb doors are open! Prepare to ____!'On blindsiding Peter and Liz, part II
QuoteMissing WordContext
'Tribal council is going to be a total ____, and its going to be ugly when we get home kids! Total ____.'On blindsiding Peter and Liz, part III
'I'm still smiling, I'm cool ____'Conversation to Jeff after her heatstroke
'Welcome to our very humble abode....we have a _____ bar'On welcoming the swapped tribe back to camp
'I said I thought worked out hard and trained hard, that girl makes me look like ____ ____!'On comparing herself to Cydney
'Ding Kaching Khaching! Bzzzzt! We got a cyanide, triple bond, carbon're not breaking it between us' On her confidence with her alliance at the new Chan Loh tribe
'And the angular features of [Nick's] face make for great photography...and I've know that because I've ____ off and on for years and years!'On yet another job
'She might go ____ herself, you guys might wanna keep an eye on her.'On Michele...damn, Debbie.
'Salt and pepper. Ebony and ivory. ____ ____ and toilets.'On her bond with Neal

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