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Can you name the songs that two contestants have successfully auditioned with?

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Delvin Choice, Jesse Campbell
Matt McAndrew, Celica Westbrook
Kayla Navarez, Kelsie Ray
The Swon Brothers, The LiNE
Michelle Raitzin, Jeff Jenkins
EG Daly, Tarralyn Ramsey
Shawn Smith, Jordan Rager
Midas Whale, Jamie Lono
Chris Jamison, Ryan Innes
Shelbie Z, Liz Davis
De'Borah, Tyler Robinson
Duncan Kamakana, Charlie Rey
Luke Edgemon, Lex Land
Michelle Chamuel, Frenchie Davis
Taylor Beckam, Sera Hill
JR Aquino, Tje Austin
Sam James, Sara Oromchi
Griffin, Sam Cerniglia
Megan RĂ¼ger, ALyX
Mark Andrew, Benji
Lina Gaudenzi, Suzanna Choffel
Juhi, Julia Eason
Nicole Johnson, Monique Benabou
Sasha Allen, Jared Blake
Sarah Simmons, Katrina Parker
Vicci Martinez, Angela Wolff
Garrett Gardner, Jamar Rogers
Michaela Paige, Emily Valentine
Terisa Griffin, Angel Taylor
Ddendyl, Nicholas David
Lisa Scinta, Niki Dawson
Jeff Lewis, Jonathas
Briana Cuoco, Sarah Golden

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