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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: Amazon?

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What was the name of the tribe with yellow buffs?
What was the name of the tribe with blue buffs?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Who was the first Survivor contestant ever with a physical disability?
For the first time ever in Survivor history, how were tribes divided?
For the first time ever in Survivor history, a contestant gave away their individual immunity. Who received the immunity necklace from another contestant?
This season had the biggest landslide in the final vote compared to the seasons it followed. Who was the only player to vote for Matthew to win?
What word completes the quote by Christy in her departing words: ' I am going to make sure those freaking evil ___________ of mine are not going to win a million dollars'?
Who won the most individual immunity challenges (four total)?
What food item was Janet accused of sneaking into the game by her fellow tribemates?
Which contestant did not like the immunity idol, as she felt it counted as 'worshiping other idols'?
Jenna and Heidi said they would take their clothes off for which two food items?
What did Rob bring as a luxury item, used to predict whether or not the men would hook up other female contestants?
Along with Heidi and Jenna, which other contestant was part of the 'Cuter Girls' alliance?
Who had a habit of over-collecting firewood, later contributing to the fire that burned down the camp?
What word completes this quote by Rob: 'Well I'm lucky in this game that that I'm not ________ so I didn't have any handicaps like the girls found'?

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